“[Stephanie's] appreciation for Peranakan design goes beyond colours and patterns… her label, which she launched in 2015, is not a Peranakan brand, but rather, one that is inspired by the love of making that is part of Peranakan culture.”

- The Straits Times, February 2017

“I think in Singapore, we want very much to be connected to our past. But at the same time,    we want to create designs and objects of our own day and age. So taking elements of the old and creating it anew is something we find meaningful.”

- Channel NewsAsia, February 2017

“… Some local businesses shun these methods and are choosing not to brandish their social objectives, focusing instead on building their products first. Case in point is local designer-jeweller Eden + Elie.”

The New Paper, August 2017

"If I can create products that people want and also improve a community's way of life, business development becomes something that has a positive social impact. This is a unique direction that Singapore can harness to grow even more."

- 联合早报 ZB Today Newspaper, April 2018


“... as our business grew, we were able to roll out what we’ve always wanted to do, which is to offer employment to people from underprivileged backgrounds and special needs communities. While a lot of social entrepreneurs look for these communities outside of Singapore, we found the best fit for our business right on home ground.”

- Zerrin, October 2017

“Working with individuals who have autism has its challenges. For one, Stephanie can’t introduce new designs as and when she pleases. ‘...Things that require change are not easy for them. I need time to teach them, and I have to design what they are able to do,’ she says. But the final product is worth it.”

- Her World Singapore, March 2018

“… [Stephanie] seems to spend a great deal of time on perfecting the design of a small piece of [Eden + Elie] jewellery. 'For something to be just right, there is a feeling of that timelessness and grace – that it is poised to just be.'" 

- The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore, October 2017

“Stephanie, who learnt embroidery from her grandmother as a child, started Eden + Elie in 2015 after returning from the United States… At the time, she had a successful career in architecture and design, and was the mother of two young children. But she sought a way for her passion for design and social good to intersect, and Eden + Elie was the result.”

- Young Parents, April 2018