You are more than what you wear

At  EDEN + ELIE, we believe what you wear ought to never overshadow who you are.
We create jewelry to be lifelong companions, for wearing through the changing seasons.
Our pieces give you ease - so you can focus on the truly important things in life.

How We Make Our Jewelry

In a world proliferated by industrialised products, we want to honour the traditions that come from centuries of making things by hand. Our grandmothers stitched and created beautiful heirloom pieces and today, we long for slower times, when love was expressed and embedded in objects passed down from mother to daughter, father to son. 

Using hand intensive techniques with simple tools allows us to train and work with artisans, who, for the lack of capital, would not otherwise be able to enter the premium market of high design goods. Thus, to us, handmade is a means of providing fair and sustainable work for such individuals and communities.

Our impact

At the heart of EDEN + ELIE is a mission to celebrate and empower individuals with diverse abilities, by providing fair and sustainable work opportunities to communities in need. We currently partner with local organisations to train and employ adults with autism as skilled artisans to produce the meticulously handcrafted jewelry that we design. 

Discover how we are making a difference here.

What our customers say

"The jewellery I bought is even more beautiful and delicate in real life than I’d hoped, and I’ve discovered it’s super versatile too, especially the bangles. I feel like I’ve stumbled across a real hidden gem with EDEN + ELIE." - Melissa W., Singapore on her Peranakan Necklace + Bangle Set in Blue

"I've never found drop earrings to suit me but I took a chance with EDEN + ELIE and I have to say that I love how the ear wire is shaped to be flattering on any face shape! The earrings are lightweight, hang fabulously and has been my go-to piece ever since it arrived." - Sharon N., Singapore on her Petite Medallion Drop Earrings in Twilight

"I am loving this bracelet to bits. Love the details that go into the making of this gorgeous artisan jewelry. I really appreciate the craftsmanship, the passion and dedication that the artist had poured into making this elegant bracelet." - Genevieve K., Singapore on her Handwoven Leather Bracelet in Coast

"I’m very happy with the necklace. I received one for my birthday and liked it so much that I got one for my best friend. I particularly like the fact that the length is adjustable so it goes with different outfits." - Yvonne L., Singapore on her Everyday Necklace in Blossom


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A Maker's Legacy

April 26, 2018

As a little girl, I spent most of my days in the care of my maternal grandmother, my mama. I followed her everywhere like a shadow. I remember sitting amongst my grandaunts and mama, intrigued by their lively gossip in Baba Malay and secretly pleased by the fact that they had allowed me to listen in on their ‘inner circle' gossip.