You are more than what you wear

At  E D E N + E L I E, we believe what you wear ought to never overshadow who you are.
We create jewelry to be lifelong companions - for wearing in any season of life.
We are fiercely dedicated to craft, to aesthetics and to function.
We are designers and makers with heart.

How We Make Our Jewelry

 E D E N  +  E L I E  jewelry is designed, hand-crafted and finished in Singapore. Every piece is carefully handsewn together using the finest Miyuki delicas from Japan.  

Each Miyuki delica measures less than 2mm in diameter.  It takes over 8 hours of fine, meticulous work and more than 2000 delicas to create one of our Wide Bangles. Because Miyuki delicas are tiny pieces of precision-cut glass, each piece must be individually selected and sewn together to create a seamless fit with little tolerance for error.  

Matte, polished, opalescent, and 24-karat gold-finished delicas, are carefully arranged in soft, iridescent combinations creating subtle changes in texture and color as the body moves. The result is a smooth and continuous, yet rich and textural weave that is bold, simple, and refined. 

The structures for our bangles, chains and clasps are forged in 24-karat gold-plated brass, 14-karat gold-fill, pure copper or sterling silver by reputable supply partners in the USA. Hence, we are able to stand behind our products and create with confidence.  Read more here...


"The jewellery I bought is even more beautiful and delicate in real life than I’d hoped, and I’ve discovered it’s super versatile too, especially the bangles. I feel like I’ve stumbled across a real hidden gem with EDEN + ELIE."  - Melissa W., Singapore on her Peranakan Necklace + Bangle Set in Blue

"I’ve loved dealing with the EDEN + ELIE team, who happily customised a Mother-Daughter necklace set for me as the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Top rate customer service with prompt, considerate, warm communication throughout."  - Zara L., UK on her Peranakan Mother-Daughter Twinning Necklaces in Mint

"I've never found drop earrings to suit me but I took a chance with EDEN + ELIE and I have to say that I love how the ear wire is shaped to be flattering on any face shape! The earrings are lightweight, hang fabulously and has been my go-to piece ever since it arrived."  - Sharon N., Singapore on her Petite Medallion Drop Earrings in Twilight

"I am loving this bracelet to bits. Love the details that go into the making of this gorgeous artisan jewelry. I really appreciate the craftsmanship, the passion and dedication that the artist had poured into making this elegant bracelet. Will definitely let EDEN + ELIE be known to all my friends and family."  - Genevieve K., Singapore on her Handwoven Leather Bracelet in Coast

"I’m very happy with the necklace. I received one for my birthday and liked it so much that I got one for my best friend. I particularly like the fact that the length is adjustable so it goes with different outfits." - Yvonne L., Singapore on her Everyday Necklace in Blossom


A Maker's Legacy

April 26, 2018

As a little girl, I spent most of my days in the care of my maternal grandmother, my mama. I followed her everywhere like a shadow. I remember sitting amongst my grandaunts and mama, intrigued by their lively gossip in Baba Malay and secretly pleased by the fact that they had allowed me to listen in on their ‘inner circle' gossip.