You are more than what you wear

At  E D E N + E L I E, we believe what you wear ought to never overshadow who you are.
We create jewelry to be lifelong companions - for wearing in any season of life.
We are fiercely dedicated to craft, to aesthetics and to function.
We are designers and makers with heart.

How We Make Our Jewelry

 E D E N  +  E L I E  jewelry is designed, hand-crafted and finished in Singapore. Every piece is carefully handsewn together using the finest Miyuki delicas from Japan.  

Each Miyuki delica measures less than 2mm in diameter.  It takes over 8 hours of fine, meticulous work and more than 2000 delicas to create one of our Wide Bangles. Because Miyuki delicas are tiny pieces of precision-cut glass, each piece must be individually selected and sewn together to create a seamless fit with little tolerance for error.  

Matte, polished, opalescent, and 24-karat gold-finished delicas, are carefully arranged in soft, iridescent combinations creating subtle changes in texture and color as the body moves. The result is a smooth and continuous, yet rich and textural weave that is bold, simple, and refined. 

The structures for our bangles, chains and clasps are forged in 24-karat gold-plated brass, 14-karat gold-fill, pure copper or sterling silver by reputable supply partners in the USA. Hence, we are able to stand behind our products and create with confidence.  Read more here...


"I bought 2 pairs of earrings for my friends' birthday presents. They were really lovely, the color combination is so excellent and my friends were so happy to wear it. These go with them indeed! I will buy one of your collection for myself in the near future :)"  - Michiko, Japan

"I love the jewellery from Eden + Elie. The Peranakan collection is perfect for both casual and formal occasions. I've got the Peranakan vermilion adjustable necklace, earrings.  I bought a couple of the medallion earrings which are perfect in size and length. As a whole, the jewellery looks very elegant and most of all I love the delicate beading."  - Gwyneth, Singapore

"I seldom share my experiences at other online website but I really would like to share with the others about this lovely necklace that I have gotten. I happened to chance upon Eden+Elie while surfing online. I was attracted by the designs of their products and excited over how versatile the necklace was. It is a bonus that the length of the necklace is adjustable. I no longer need to buy different necklaces with different lengths to match my outfits. True to what other customers have shared, I received many compliments from my friends when they see me wearing the necklace. It is a piece of jewellery that I will treasure and hopefully can pass to my daughter when she is old enough to appreciate its beauty.  Please do continue to have more inspiration to create more beautiful pieces." - Pei Pei, Singapore

"I was searching for local handcrafted jewellery that would be suitable as a gift for a dear Japanese friend. Had difficulty finding quality pieces until I chanced upon Eden+Elie. Stephanie was quick in responding to my requests and ensured that I received the items well in time before I left for my trip. Earrings are beautiful, creative, and very comfortable to wear. Looking forward to purchase more creations from her. Great to see local craft made with pride! " - Sherlyn, Singapore

"I was so excited to receive the handwoven circle statement drop earrings I ordered. I opted for Sapphire as the blue/purple hue seems versatile, working with much of my wardrobe.  I usually shy away from big earrings but these are so comfortably light – a dream to wear."  - Laura, Singapore

"I instantly knew I'd struck gold when I came across the Eden and Elie website while searching for a birthday gift for my sister.  I had lots of fun choosing some drop earrings from the beautiful range of colours.  I liked them so much that I made a second order within a few days of receiving the first delivery. This time I've chosen one of the everyday bangles and another pair of earrings.  I've been impressed with the swift and helpful customer service too in response to some questions I had about shipping and delivery."  - Laura, Singapore

"I love the Peranakan bangle.  It is so pretty that I have decided to keep one which I plan to wear on my wedding day.  It is the something blue element for the day.  The beads are intricately small, and the workmanship is flawless.  Absolutely love it and total value for money.  - Vanessa, Singapore


Bringing Human-Centered Design Values into the Business of Fashion (Part 1)

June 17, 2017

For the first year of Eden + Elie's life as a jewelry brand, we did not talk about our social mission.  For one thing, we were still assembling the pieces of what this would look like and we didn't want to talk about something that we meant to do but hadn't done, or at least not at scale. This year, we are embarking on that first chapter. After many many months of visiting and talking to organizations, including those working with poor urban communities in Southeast Asia, we've arrived at a decision to start our work on local ground, here in Singapore. With the dedicated support of job coaches and staff at ARC (the Autism Resource Centre), we are currently working on training and...

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