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November 18, 2020 2 min read

Things become precious when we choose to keep them.

For me, one of those things was a small collection of quilting fabric collected from my early days of motherhood. It followed me in a box for 9 years, through 5 house moves, carrying hope in its unfinished state.

It was the right time for it to finally be given new purpose.

We approached a meaningful initiative called Threads of Courage, to collaborate and repurpose the fabric into jewellery pouches for the holiday season.

Threads of Courage supports individuals who are unable to secure full-time employment, due to health issues, family circumstances, caregiving duties or other reasons. They teach participants sewing skills, enabling them to earn a supplementary salary through the sales of their products. Through their craft, individuals in need are empowered to celebrate their strengths and gain the confidence and power to actively improve their circumstances.




For this collaboration, the size of our smallest pouch was the biggest challenge. There were instances where pieces had to be unpicked and redone. Our senior artisan, Irene, encouraged and coached the team. One of the women seamstresses from Threads of Courage was on the cusp of giving up because she felt that she could not achieve the right quality. Yet, she persevered and despite having the least confidence – she ended up being one of the best.

Friendships were forged in those sessions, as we partook in laughter, conversations and struggle together. Every handsewn pouch is an ode to these women’s grit and their stories. It is a memento of love, a connection to another, and a reminder we are stronger together.

We pass them on to you – to find joy, comfort and inspiration in the memories they hold through time.

Our seasonal pouches launch exclusively this Friday, 20 November 2020, and will be included in every order while stocks last.

You can further support Threads of Courage, an initiative of Fei Yue Family Service Centres, by reaching them via email at or keeping up with them on Instagram @threadsofcourage.


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