EDEN + ELIE Modern Peranakan handwoven gold bangle - blue

An exquisite pattern inspired by the rich colours and motifs in Peranakan design. Tiny delica beads in turquoise blue are sewn by hand into a weave and inlaid in the channel of a 24k plated gold bangle. The edge of the channel is designed such that it is completely flush with the beads, giving a seamless and streamlined look.

Perfect as a statement piece and as a meaningful keepsake.  Pairs well with our Modern Peranakan Adjustable Necklace in Blue, Modern Peranakan Drop Earrings in Blue and Modern Peranakan Stud Earrings in Blue


  • Designed and artisan-made in Singapore
  • 24k gold-plated channel
  • Handwoven with the finest delica beads in 24k gold, matte and opalescent finishes
  • Fits comfortably at 2.5 inches diameter x 0.4 inches wide

 PS: Our Peranakan bangles are the same size as our Everyday Bangles. See our Peranakan Charm Bracelets for something customisable in size.



"Ever since I set my eyes on this most beautifully designed bangle; the memory remained with me - and after I finally returned to purchase the same together with various other gifts, I have indeed not been disappointed! All my recipients have been most delighted, and I too treasure what I feel are most meaningful accessories."

- Renita C, Singapore

"I love the Peranakan bangle.  It is so pretty that i have decided to keep one which I plan to wear on my wedding day.  It is the "something blue" element for the day.  The beads are intricately small, and the workmanship is flawless.  Absolutely love it and total value for money."

-Vanessa F,  Singapore

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