EDEN + ELIE Necklace Bar 3 Bead Starter Special - Mist-Serenity Gradient

For endless skies and oceans, dreamy baby mist blue and calming serenity blue. Our latest range of special edition gradient beads allows you to connect our most popular shades into beautiful, complementary colourways. Intricately handwoven with a multitude of hues, to be worn on its own or with their matching beads.

The beauty of this necklace lies in its versatile interchangeability - simply pull the beads out and swop them as you please. Build your bead collection, create colour combinations for any mood and outfit, and expand the possibilities of your customisable necklace.

Also available in four other curated gradients: Blossom-DahliaLilac-Plum, Mint-Emerald and Oyster-Bark.

Save US$29 with this starter combination compared to a la carte prices for individual beads and chain.


  • Designed and artisan-made in Singapore
  • Interchangeable channel beads
  • Handwoven with the finest delicas in 24k gold, matte, opalescent & polished finishes
  • 24k gold-plated, fully soldered medium cable link chain
  • Chain length is 17 inches (43 cm) with our classic monogram tag



      "Elegant and versatile necklace. Wear 1 to match colour of outfit daily, or all 3 for stronger statement. Looking forward to colour bar sold separately to build up my collection! " 

      - Min Lee, Singapore

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