EDEN + ELIE handwoven thick leather bracelet - coast


Coast is inspired by the sea and sea-farers.  Available with our chocolate and saddle leather band.

Each bracelet features a handwoven seed bead focal piece, wrapped around full grain, european-tanned core leather.  Together with copper accents that will oxidise to give a beautiful patina, this leather bracelet will soften and shape itself around your wrist over time.  We've even detailed the back of the band with special care.

Designed to be easy to put on and take off, our strong magnetic clasp helps your bracelet stays secure, even for the most adventurous travellers.


  • S fits wrists 6.5 inches and smaller
  • M fits wrists 7 inches and smaller
  • L fits wrists 7.5 inches and smaller
  • XS and XL available upon request

**For the most comfortable fit, you'll want this to wear this bracelet a little loose and not snug on the wrist.  Don't worry, our return policy makes it easy for you to exchange it for the right size.


  • Designed and artisan-made in Singapore
  • 100% genuine Spanish leather
  • Handwoven with premium Japanese delicas
  • Secure magnetic copper clasp


"Really happy with my Coast Bracelet!  It's a delightfully well made piece of artisan jewelry.  I super like the juxtaposition of the intricate beadwork with the rugged leather band and heavy metal clasp." -Siaosze N, Singapore

"I have received the leather bracelet, it is so gorgeous and can't wait to wear it now.  It’s too bad I ordered the wrong size and have to send back for shortening but received great after-sales service and am planning to get another colour!" -Ye Huay L, Singapore

"Great news! He loves it! So much so that he wants to wear it immediately and not wait till Valentine's Day." -Vanessa F, Singapore

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