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The Personal Story behind EDEN + ELIE

 I am Stephanie, and E D E N + E L I E is named for my two children, Eden and Eliot - my two big loves. 

Before they came along, I lived an active, career-oriented life as an architect, artist, product designer,
entrepreneur and teacher. And like most of us in this generation who pride ourselves with having
plenty of options for what we want to do or become, I often considered my career in terms of worth.

I weighed up my time - weeks, months, years spent pursuing this in order to gain that. I weighed up
opportunities, returns, sacrifices. This daily business of trading this for that only became more
complicated after I become a working mother - because whether we have pulls and tugs from little ones 
at home or relationships we know won't wait, we are constantly weighing up what is worth more.

E D E N + E L I E was born the day I realised that I would rather integrate what I found meaningful in my work 
and personal life. It brings me back to the joy I experience when I make things. When I solve complex problems 
involving multiple variables with only the barest of resources. When I am able to apply the experience I've earned
working with big corporations, small businesses, non-profit institutions for the sake of creating value. 

EDEN+ELIE is built on the conviction that life can be simpler. We can own less but be so much richer, when 
we are connected meaningfully to our work and our lives. One simple way this vision translates into
our products is that we want to make things that give you ease.

If you have ever stood in front of your closet and thought about what to wear to get you through the day,
I've been there and we want to help you get ready for work in the morning. We get that as a woman
in the workplace, you probably don't have the luxury of not caring about what you wear. But you are
 so much more. We want to make that piece of jewelry that will transform whatever you choose to put on.

We want to design products to give time back to you so you can focus on the truly important things in life.

Join us, for the love of a simpler life.