(OLD) Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will my order take to process?

We offer free local shipping within Singapore and a flat rate of +10 USD for international standard shipping. As our jewelry is individually handmade in small quantities, your order may take up to 5 working days to be processed and readied for shipping. You will receive a reference number to track your order.

For orders within Singapore, delivery will usually take 2-3 working days after being processed.  

For orders outside of Singapore, please note that:

  • A shipping rate of +10 USD will be applied.
  • Orders are shipped out by International Postal Mail by Air.
  • To upgrade to express courier shipping, please email us at hello@edenandelie.com. Additional charges apply according to the destination.
  • Delivery times for international orders vary according to your location. Please note that time frames are an estimation and do not take into account delays at customs or your local service suspensions.
  • You will be responsible for any import/customs-related charges implemented by your destination country.

    Please refer to our Shipping page for more information.

    Q. Why are your prices shown in USD?

    We use USD on our website so as to maintain consistency across all our retail channels worldwide. However, you may select one of ten currencies to view using the drop down menu on the top right corner, which will reflect the most current exchange rates. The final amount at checkout will stay consistent in USD.

    Q. Can I pay in another currency?

    All of our online orders are processed in USD. This amount will be converted to your local currency by your bank and reflected as such in your account statement.

    For customers in Singapore, we offer card and cash payment options in SGD at our studio (located at 160 Owen Road, S218953) and list of retail partners here.

    Q. Do you have a physical store?

    Our design studio at 160 Owen Road, Singapore 218953 is open for appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:30am-6pm. Click here to book your visit.

    Q. Do you accept requests for customizations?

    Our customers are our top priority and we will always welcome your requests.  As we have intimate knowledge of what our materials can and cannot do, we will advise you if your desired customization is able to produce the expected results. 

    We charge a a custom rate for most customizations as we would need to create a new piece. Shortening a chain for an existing design is free, while lengthening generally costs 10 USD.

    On the rare occasion that the customization is a more complex adaptation of a design or requires a substantial increase in materials, this price may increase. Upon reviewing your customization request, we will let you know the final price and get your full agreement before proceeding with the order. To customize an order, do drop us an email at orders@edenandelie.com.

    Q. Are necklaces from your Necklace Bar adjustable in length?

    No, all necklaces created through our Necklace Bar come in a fixed length of your choice (17, 24 or 30 inches).

    If you would like to customise an adjustable length necklace with your own bead colours, please see our custom Everyday Necklace. Do note that the beads in this necklace are non-removable.

    Q. I would like to send my order as a gift. Do you offer any special packaging?

    All our jewelry comes packaged in a padded box and stamped pouch. A care card, with information about our brand and jewelry care instructions, is also included. 

    When checking out, do leave us a message in the ‘Notes’ section – we will wrap your order with ribbon and can include a paper bag and/or a small handwritten card if you wish.

    Q. I own two pieces of EDEN + ELIE jewelry and notice they are slightly different.  Why is this so?

    Our jewelry is made entirely by hand, using metal and leather components sourced from reputable suppliers and manufacturers that we develop a relationship with for the long term.  This means that the components we use - the metal, the leather, clasps, jump rings etc. are as close to industrial manufactured perfection as can be helped.  

    However, the beadwork is done entirely by our artisans with needle and thread.  That means factors like thread tension, the particular style of sewing, the pliancy of the beads, and the human element, all come into play.  We cherish this aspect of our jewelry because it means no piece is completely alike another. We are proud to say that our artisans are extremely meticulous and take great pride in their work. We also hold each piece to the strictest standards of craftsmanship before they are ready for our collections.  

    We use the highest quality delica beads which are considered the best in the world by beading artists and experts because they are incredibly uniform. Still, imagine producing 2mm beads in over 2000 colours, finishes and textures – while each bead is extremely consistent, one may be just smidgens of a millimetre smaller or larger than the next. Therefore, rather than pull on them too tightly and cause too much pressure on these little pieces of glass, we work with a relaxed but snug tension to keep the pieces at just the right drape. Hence, you may see little gaps between the beads.  

    Q. Is my jewelry fragile and do I need to be careful not to drop it?

    The quick answer is ‘yes’. While the beads are woven together using a special braided thread made from gel spun polyethylene which is extremely strong, they are made from glass and are each less than 2mm in size. In essence, they are little pieces of glass, and should be handled with care. If treated roughly and dropped or knocked at a high impact, the beads may break.

    Q. Can I get my jewelry repaired? 

    We understand accidents can happen and offer repairs for most damages (e.g. broken beads). You can choose to drop off the jewelry at our studio or mail it back to us. You will be responsible for the shipping fee. 

    You may find more information on returns and repairs here.

    Q. Are your earrings suitable for sensitive ears?

    Yes, most of our earrings are made with 14k gold-fill or 24k gold-plated hooks and posts. All of our earrings are lead and nickel free. View the full suite of designs for sensitive ears here.

    Q. What should I use to clean my jewelry?

    We use 24k gold-plated chain that has been through a proprietary coating process that prolongs the life-span of the piece. Our other metal components are 24k gold-plated or 14k gold fill.  For these materials, do not use any specialised jewelry cleaners.  We've found it best to wipe down the pieces after you've worn them with an alcohol-free, lotion-free, wet wipe (like a baby wipe) to remove sweat and dirt residue before storing it in the EDEN + ELIE jewelry box provided with your order or a similar padded box. You will want to keep it out of strong sunlight.

    For our thick leather bracelets, we recommend storing them in a cool, dry place. Use a cotton or microfiber cloth slightly dampened with water to wipe off any dirt residue before blotting dry. We treat our copper clasps and trims with a coat of jewelry shield which protects the material and keeps the colour from oxidising.  

    Have a question?  We are here to listen.  Drop us a line at hello@edenandelie.com or FB message us here.