Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why are your prices shown in USD?

We use USD on our website because we can maintain the most consistent prices from our supply chain. However, you may select one of ten currencies to view using the drop down menu on the top right corner, which will reflect the most current exchange rates. The final amount at checkout will stay consistent in USD.

Q. How do I know what I will be charged for shipping?

We offer free shipping to anywhere in the world so you can order your jewelry with peace of mind.  You will not be charged any additional amount for shipping upon checkout.

Q. How do you ship my order and when will it arrive?

We ship all orders using Singapore Post Registered Mail, which has been very reliable.  When your order ships, we will email you a tracking number.

Q. Do you accept requests for customisations?

We consider our customers the best part of our product development team and we will always welcome your requests.  Because we have intimate knowledge of what our materials can and cannot do, we will advise you if your desired customization cannot produce the expected results.  So far, we have not had to turn down anyone's request and all our customers are very happy. 

If your customization is a simple colour change for part of a piece, there is generally little to no charge.  If we have to create a new piece, or adapt a design that causes a change in price of the materials used (for eg. more gold beads, longer chain), we will let you know the price and get your full agreement before we go ahead with the order.  You will receive an invoice and we will notify you once the piece has shipped.

Q. I own two pieces of EDEN + ELIE jewelry and notice they are slightly different.  Why is this so?

Our jewelry is made entirely by hand, using metal and leather components sourced from reputable suppliers and manufacturers that we develop a relationship with for the long term.  This means that the components we use - the metal, the leather, clasps, jump rings etc. are as close to industrial manufactured perfection as can be helped.  

However, the beadwork is done entirely by our artisans with needle and thread.  That means thread tension, the particular style of sewing, and pliancy of the beads, and the human element all comes into play.  We cherish the human-made aspect of our jewelry because it means no piece is completely alike another.  That is not to say we don't hold each piece to the strictest standards of craftsmanship before they are ready for our collections.  And we are proud to say that our artisans are extremely meticulously and take great pride in their work.

Q. Is my jewelry fragile and do I need to be careful not to drop it?

The quick answer is Yes. Your jewelry is made from beads, and tiny glass beads at that, each less than 2mm in size.  We use the best Miyuki delica beads which are considered the best in the world by beading artists and experts because they are incredibly uniform.  But still, imagine producing 2mm beads and 2000 over colours, finishes, textures at that - each bead is extremely consistent but may be just smidgens of a millimetre smaller or larger than the next.  So you may see little gaps between the beads.  Rather than pull on them too tightly, and cause too much pressure on these little pieces of glass, we work with a relaxed but snug tension to keep the pieces at just the right drape.

The bottom line is, they are tiny pieces of glass and they have been woven together with extreme care.  So cherish your pieces and handle them with care.  If you do have an incident, please contact us and we'll see if we can help.

Q. What should I use to clean my jewelry?

We use 24k-plated chain that has been through a proprietary coating process that prolongs the life-span of the piece.  Our other metal components are 24k gold plating or 14k gold fill.  For these materials, do not use any specialised jewelry cleaners.  We've found it best to wipe down the pieces after you've worn them with an alcohol free, lotion-free, wet wipe (like a baby wipe) to remove the sweat and dirt and store it in a padded jewelry box like the original packing.  You will want to keep it out of strong sunlight.

For our thick leather bracelets, we use copper clasps and trims which are unlacquered, because we have not found a lacquer that doesn't cause irritation to the skin.  Our customers like the natural look of copper as it patinas and gives the bracelet a more rustic style.   

Have a question, please ask.  We are here to listen.  Drop us a line at or FB message us at edenandelie.