EDEN + ELIE Modern Peranakan adjustable length necklace + bangle - yellow SPECIAL Gift Set

A special gift set in one of the best combinations we offer - our Peranakan Everyday adjustable length necklace, and a coordinated Peranakan bangle. Drawing inspiration from the floral kebayas commonly worn by Nyonya women and entirely handwoven with tiny delica beads, this collection of jewelry showcases the rich heritage of Peranakan culture blended with a modern aesthetic.

Save US$39 with this special set price. Also available in coordinated colors of Blue, Vermilion, Mint, LilacPeach and Cherry Blossom.


  • Designed and artisan-made in Singapore
  • 24k gold-plated chain & components
  • Handwoven with delica beads in 24k gold, matte, opalescent & polished finishes
  • Necklace is adjustable from 16 inches to 33 inches in length
  • Bangle is 2.5 inches diameter x 0.4 inches wide

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