EDEN + ELIE Everyday necklace - golden sand

The shade of golden sand and sun-kissed rocks.

This handwoven adjustable length gold necklace features a signature beaded clasp that allows you wear it at your most flattering length. All you need is one necklace to take you effortlessly from day to night. 

Simply pull the chains at the opposite ends of the clasp to adjust the length of the necklace. (It is normal to feel some tension in the chains as they slide - they are well secured.)

We've also created details at the ends of the chains so you can wear them exposed with a low-cut backless dress, or tuck them into a collared shirt. Pairs well with our Everyday Bangle in Oyster, Andromeda Stud Earrings in Amber and Striped Medallion Earrings in Oyster.


  • Designed and artisan-made in Singapore
  • 24k gold plated chain, beads and clasp
  • Handwoven with the finest delicas in 24k gold, matte gold, opalescent & polished finishes.
  • Adjustable from 16 inches to 33 inches in length

Note: Beads are non-removable. To mix and match beads on your very own personalised necklace, visit our Necklace Bar.



    "I bought the Everyday necklace in Sand as a birthday present for a friend. I absolutely loved it, the quality and presentation are excellent and the design itself is stunning. I have my eyes on a few of the designs for myself. "

    - Karena M, Singapore

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