EDEN + ELIE Modern Peranakan handwoven gold bangle - peach

An exquisite pattern inspired by the rich colours and motifs in Peranakan design. Tiny delica beads in peach pink are sewn by hand into a weave and inlaid in the channel of a 24k plated gold bangle. The edge of the channel is designed such that it is completely flush with the beads, giving a seamless and streamlined look.

Perfect as a statement piece and as a meaningful keepsake.  Pairs well with our Modern Peranakan Adjustable Necklace in Peach, Modern Peranakan Drop Earrings in Peach and Modern Peranakan Stud Earrings in Peach


  • Designed and artisan-made in Singapore
  • 24k gold-plated channel
  • Handwoven with the finest delica beads in 24k gold, matte and opalescent finishes
  • Fits comfortably at 2.5 inches diameter x 0.4 inches wide

 PS: Our Peranakan bangles are the same size as our Everyday Bangles. See our Peranakan Charm Bracelets for something customisable in size.



"Ever since I set my eyes on this most beautifully designed bangle; the memory remained with me - and after I finally returned to purchase the same together with various other gifts, I have indeed not been disappointed! All my recipients have been most delighted, and I too treasure what I feel are most meaningful accessories."

- Renita C, Singapore

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