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April 22, 2021 4 min read

The Heart of Eden + Elie x Made With Passion

In the later half of last year, we were approached with a special opportunity: to be a part of the pioneer line-up of Made With Passion labels in Singapore. An initiative by Singapore Brand Office (SGBO), the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and supported by the Enterprise Singapore (ESG), it was to be a nationwide campaign to empower our local brands and connect our community, by spotlighting their unique stories of grit, passion and innovation.

In such turbulent times, when uncertainty and adversity weighed heavy on our lives, we saw how important it was to give space and awareness to uplifting content. Things that spoke of strength, inspiration and determination. To foster a sense of togetherness and collective pride.

Amidst the harshness of a pandemic and difficulties that came before and beyond, we knew our little island held forces to be reckoned with, quietly overcoming – whether these were individuals who were quietly caring for themselves and loved ones, or enterprises combating a sudden, blighted economy head-on. It was meaningful for us to be a small part of enriching this conversation.

The Brand Film: Founding Blocks

A major component of the Made With Passion collaboration was the brand film, a short video segment that would tell our story and help others to discover us and other brands. As with all materials we create and share, we were guided by the desire for it to be true to our brand and values. To not only describe the ‘what’ of a product, but more crucially, the ‘why’. The beauty and parallel challenge of such a capsule video is its success in capturing the essence of our existence.

We requested to feature our artisans and team members, the people who make up every facet of Eden + Elie and keep it running, day by day. Then, we worked with the production team on the script’s narrative to convey the subtler yet definitive qualities of our handcrafted jewelry: the slow, intentional process of making and intensity in attention to detail, from form to function.

Eden + Elie’s artisan jewelry symbolizes a promise. Everything is made with purpose. Individually handwoven, each piece reflects a dedication to skilled craft and thoughtful design.

The most striking feature of our jewelry is the elevated use of beads which we incorporated richly into the brand film. These are forged into patterns inspired by culture, architecture and nature, then paired with elegant but simple silhouettes of 22k, 24k plated gold and sterling silver for timelessness.

A threaded needle and the tiny glass beads look deceptively basic, but when curated and matched together from a myriad of colors and finishes, they present imaginative and beautiful possibilities of what modern jewelry can look like.

Making of and behind-the-scenes

Behind the scenes snippets | EDEN + ELIE x Made With Passion

Left: All hands on board for prep work! We have had a few filmings at the studio and one of the first things on the agenda always is cleaning the windows. Things get a little dusty when you're a first level shophouse at a cross junction. Right: A quiet moment in the studio as the team plans outside. 

Collaboration | EDEN + ELIE x Made With Passion

Left: Test shotting our jewelry making setup. A quaint table that makes us happy - lots of beads, weaves and simple tools to bring it all together. Right: Model tries on the Modern Peranakan Adjustable Necklace.

Behind the scenes content | EDEN + ELIE x Made With Passion

Left: A film crew member keeps an eye on the camera's filming. Right: In a cosy studio, getting that clean shot with no obstructions means self-herding expertly into inconspicuous corners. All smiles while getting the frame!

EDEN + ELIE x Made With Passion | Behind the scenes snippets

Left and right: Eden + Elie founder and designer, Stephanie, shows the crew our beading process. Due to the tiny size of our materials, we had to stage many close up shots that would also translate well to video. 

EDEN + ELIE x Made With Passion | Behind the scenes content

Left: Couch breaks at where we usually host our customers. Right: Having lunch on the shaded porch - we are thankful there was great weather throughout!

EDEN + ELIE x Made With Passion | Behind the scenes

A view not commonly seen. The back of our studio is where most of our team works, keeping things organized and putting the finishing touches on the handcrafted pieces. Here, we prepare to shoot a scene of our extensive beads inventory.

Behind the scenes snippets for EDEN + ELIE x Made With Passion

Same space, different uses. Filming in a small space meant having the quickness and flexibility to transform various corners to suit the crew's needs. Left: Our team member gets ready for a close-up shot of packing a jewelry box with our holiday pouches. Right: The same table reverts to an equipment setup and hair and makeup area.

Behind the scenes content for EDEN + ELIE x Made With Passion

Behind the camera: lots of chatter, people and a messy table. 

Behind the scenes for EDEN + ELIE x Made With Passion

The crew works hard: filming started in the morning and continued on into the night. Here we are reviewing one of the last video segments, an aerial view of an intricate earrings arrangement. The work doesn't end there too, with hours put into cutting and editing the footage from this one day in the studio.

We are thankful for the vibrant creativity, dedication and professionalism of our partnered creative agency and production house for this special film, and so very excited to finally share a slice of the process and fruits of their labor with you.

We invite you to watch the Eden + Elie x Made With Passion film here. Support and discover more passionate local brands by following @madewithpassionsg on Instagram or visiting their website.

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